Guelph General Dentistry

General Dentist GuelphOral disease affects more than 3.9 billion people across the globe. An irregular dental visit is a problem, and the failure of receiving regular teeth examinations results in poor oral health.

Prevention is always better than an extensive dental treatment. Don’t be afraid of the costs as our quality Guelph general dental services are budget-friendly and available with innovation, excellence, and integrity.

A Few Of Our Guelph General Dentistry Services Include:

Dental Cleanings: Tartar-Free Teeth

Dental cleaning is a preventative procedure tailored to remove plaque and tartar on your teeth to avoid cavities and other gum problems.

Regular brushing can keep the teeth clean. A professional dental cleaning, however, is more effective and thorough.

Who should undergo a dental cleaning service? We encourage everyone to visit our dental clinic once every six months.

Our Guelph dentists use various techniques, such as tooth scaling, tooth polishing, and debridement. In tooth scaling, we remove the layers of substances that accumulate on your teeth.General Dentists in Guelph

In tooth polishing, we make the surface smoother. In debridement, we remove too much tartar.

To ensure the best results, we employ the most advanced technology, such as ultrasonic instruments, scalers, curettes, polisher, and fluoride. Our fluoride is toxic-free, experts-recommended, and FDA approved.

Dental Cavities – We Restore Whiter Teeth within Minutes

As a natural mineral, fluoride builds strong teeth, prevents cavities, supports healthy tooth enamel, and fights the bacteria that harm the gums.

If you’re at risk of developing dental cavities, fluoride treatment is recommended. Our Guelph general dentistry services provide the solution in the form of a gel, foam, varnish, or concentrated rinse. We apply the materials with a brush, tray, swab, or mouthwash.

This treatment only lasts within a minute or two. Our dentists are accommodating, dexterous, versatile, and quick. Patients can go to their office as if nothing happens.

How much does our treatment cost? It depends. We have different price rates to meet your budget needs. That’s not all! We offer discounts and other affordable packages available.

Dental Fillings – Simple and Pain-Free

Tooth extractions are the go-to option for patients with damaged teeth. At our dental clinic, we provide dental filling and other excellent alternatives. Commonly known as Dental Pasta, we perform tooth filling to restore its structure and function.

Our process is simple. We start from dental screening. Then, we remove the decayed part and fill it with the right restorative material. A single session brings the teeth’s normal forms and shapes back.

Our tooth has bacteria that cause decay and holes. Dental filing can play an essential role. Our dental teams stands out from the rest because of cutting-edge equipment and a diverse team of professionals.

Other Services

Guelph General DentistryApart from dental cleaning, fluoride treatment, and dental filling, we offer dental exams, dental x-rays, dental crowns, bridges, root canals, mouth guards, wisdom teeth removal, and more!

Contact us to schedule the best dental service! Our clinics are well-ventilated and air-conditioned with quality amenities to level up your experience!

Our dentists Guelph are experienced, certified, and qualified, too! We’re known for 100% customer service and quick response time.