Guelph Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns GuelphDental crowns are a part of our general  dentistry services. We, atour Airdrie dental clinic offer a wide array of dental care services, ensuring every patiene that they will be getting excellent service, unlike no other. IIf it is your first time hearing and even getting a dental crown, no worries, our Guelphe dentists have got you covered.  We have prepared this special part to provide you knowledge about it.

Taking Care Of Your Dental Crowns

Dental crowns serve as a “crown” or a “cap” that covering the tooth. This is done to protect and restore the standard size and shape of the tooth, while it strengthens and improves its appearance at the same time. Usually, this restoration is paired with dental bridges. Also called as “bridge,” it bridges the gap by being anchored to the teeth on both sides (or on either side) of the said gap. Both of them restore, strengthen, and improve, not just speaking or chewing but also the confidence knowing that you don’t have anything to hide from and just smile.Guelph Dental Crowns

Everyone knows that the restoration techniques, as well as materials used today, are way much advanced, not the previous years. However, even if it is already advanced, it still requires proper care and maintenance. Dental crowns and bridges can last up to 15 years or even longer if properly taken care of. Let’s help maintain our crowns as well as bridges by being mindful of the following tips:

Be aware of what you eat. Popcorns, sticky or hard candy, chewy bread crust, and ice are some of the foods that you need to watch out and ignore as much as you can. Biting or chewing hard foods can break the dental restorations that you just have as well as your natural teeth. You don’t want to waste another precious teeth and restoration that you have. So, better be mindful of what you eat and even refrain from opening food packs using your teeth. Use a pair of scissors.

Protect your teeth with a mouthguard. If you love playing sports, you might want to wear a mouthguard just to ensure that the physical activity that you are in will not hurt your teeth or restorations. There is a high chance that you will get hit by an object or by another person. It would be better to get the custom-fitted mouthguards as they are superior in quality compared to those products that are off-the-shelf.

Stick to a low-sugar diet for the meantime. You know, sugary foods increase the chance of causing decay to your teeth and your restoration. Similar to the food that you need to be mindful of, it will also help if you refrain from foods with high sugar content. Thus, better stick to low-sugar foods.

Practice better dental care at home. Even at home, there are ways on how you can maintain your restorations to its top performance. We can also give you demonstrations on using special cleaning tools so that you can achieve excellent dental hygiene care even at home.

Guelph Dentists Dental Crown ServiceIf in case you are having some issues with your dental crowns or others, you can ask our Guelph dentists for help. Don’t hesitate to call our Airdrie dental clinic so that we can immediately solve any issues earlier before it becomes too late. At our dental clinic in Airdrie our Guelph Dentists make sure your dental health is our top priority. Call us now!