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Guelph Emergency Dental ServiceDental emergency pertains to mouth injuries that include knocked out (avulsed), fractured, loosened, or forced out teeth. Also, cheeks, lips, tongue, and gums are affected. These dental injuries are painful and cause you to discomfort at all times.

Don’t let it happen to you!

We have expert and reliable Guelph emergency dental services to give you satisfaction and comfort. We have excellent dentists and staff who perform dental exams to determine the cause of your dental problems.

That’s only the start.

What Kinds Of Emergency Dental Treatments Do We Offer?

Our oral treatments depend on your situation. For example, some dental issues are addressed by dental interventions, while others require dental surgery such as fractured jaws or teeth loss. Our Guelph Dentists would check (based on the dental exam) if you require medical or surgical treatment.Emergency Dental Guelph Dentists Near Me

Our polite Guelph dental clinic staff provides pain medication to relieve any symptoms while you wait for the dentist. Our dentists’ priority is to reduce and alleviate the pain caused by tooth decay, broken tooth or lost crowns.

We’re happy to provide services to solve dental emergencies such as:

Broken or Partially Dislodged Tooth

Our Guelph dentists care for you and your oral lifestyle. If you have a broken tooth, our dentists will apply the right and fast solutions.  You might take pain relievers or apply cold compresses on the affected area to suppress the pain in the meantime.


An infection around your tooth or between your teeth and gums is awful. That’s what we call – the abscess. Abscesses might cause great damage to your teeth and gums. Don’t let it ruin your beautiful smile! We’re here to help you solve the oral problem.

Broken/Lost Crown or Filling

Broken crowns and fillings need to be replaced immediately. An expert tip to suppress the pain temporarily – place clove oil on cotton swab then apply it on the affected area.  Next, call us to schedule an appointment, and we’ll take care of you!

Toothaches at Night

Do you experience sudden tooth or gum pain at night? Don’t wait for the sun to rise! Call us and schedule an appointment. Our customer service personnel are ready to answer your calls and inquiries 24/7. We have the best and trusted dentists in Airdrie to serve you!

Bleeding Caused by Gums, Cheek, Tongue, and Lips Injury

We don’t only specialize in replacing broken crowns or alleviating tooth decay but also bleeding due to accidents or injury. For example, our dentists and staff are experienced in treating bleeding gums, cheeks, lips, etc. Talk to us, and we’ll give you satisfaction.

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Emergency Dental Guelph DentistsDo you have fractured jaw, broken teeth, or broken crowns? Don’t wait any further! Call us – the most experienced and skilled emergency dental service provider! We aren’t only experts but also compassionate when it comes to your oral care needs.

Our customer service hotline is open 24/7 for your calls. We make sure to prioritize your appointments, and our dentists provide utmost care all the time. So, come now, take our dental exams and experience excellent dental care service!

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