Guelph Dental Cleanings

Guelph Dental Cleaning Near MeDental cleanings are performed to remove tartar and plaque to protect the teeth from dental caries or cavities and other dental problems. Although you floss and brush your teeth, you still need a deeper cleaning that you can only get when you visit your dentist. Regular flossing and brushing can’t completely get rid of tartar and plaque. Dental cleanings should be done at least once every 6-12 months depending upon your tarter/plaque build up. If you have existing dental problems, cleanings should be done more often.

Dental cleanings can help remove surface stains, prevent cavities, periodontal disease, and tartar build-up as well as maintain good oral health. Three different cleaning techniques are used to do this – tooth scaling, polishing, and debridement.

Tooth scaling gets rid of the layers of substances or films that build up on the surface of the teeth. Tooth polishing is done to make the teeth surface smoother after scaling. Debridement is performed by our Guelph dentists when scaling can’t remove the tartar that has accumulated on the teeth.

Tools Used During Dental Cleanings

Various dental instruments are used by our Airdrie dentist to loosen and remove the tartar from the teeth carefully, and one of the tools to clean the teeth is a polisher. It’s a hand tool that has a soft rubber tip for polishing the surface of the teeth. Ultrasonic instruments are also essential using its tickling vibrations to loosen up large amounts of tartar. Ultrasonic instruments also spray a mist of water to remove small tartar debris as it comes loose.Guelph Dental Cleaning Cost

After removing the larger pieces of tartar, the dentist switches to finer hand tools such as curettes or scalers. These hand tools get rid of smaller pieces of tartar deposits manually. Curettes or scalers are effective in removing plaque and tartar. Fluoride may also be applied during teeth cleanings. It’s available in gel or foam and helps strengthen the teeth to make up for the negative effects of tartar and plaque. You will be advised not to drink and eat or rinse your mouth for at least half an hour after the fluoride application.

Dental cleanings don’t cause pain. The process is generally comfortable. However, you need to sit with your mouth open for quite some time. The dental cleanings process can be uncomfortable for those with tartar and plaque that are harder to get rid of over time. Subsequent dental cleanings won’t take long once the hardened tartar has been scraped off.

General Dental Cleaning GuelphOur dentists in Guelph have the necessary certification and training to perform dental cleanings. We do everything carefully and meticulously. If the cleaning is wrongly performed or done in an excessively vigorous way, it could damage the gums. The gums will be more susceptible to infection. Injured gums can cause bleeding gums, soreness, gingivitis, and even damage to the tooth enamel.

If you have questions about our procedure, feel free to call us at our Guelph dental clinic. We will discuss everything you need to know and give you tips on how to maintain good oral health.