Guelph Dental X-Rays

Guelph Dental Xray CostAre you scheduled to undergo cosmetic dentistry procedures or other oral treatments? Then, you need to get dental X-rays.

When it comes to dental care, we make sure that you will get the best service you deserve. We strive to give our patients professional, satisfying outcomes. From dental X-rays to additional services, you can always expect for topnotch quality dental care services.

Our up-to-date dental X-rays help our professional dentists to visualize diseases of the teeth. Apart from that, the procedure also helps us to determine if there are some issues in the surrounding tissues of the teeth that cannot be detected through simple oral exams.

If you get dental X-rays, it’s a lot easier for us to diagnose and treat dental problems before they become worsen. So, you have the best opportunity to save money and prevent unnecessary discomfort

What Are The Dental Problems That Our X-Rays Detect?

Our Guelph dentists dental X-rays can detect different problems in both children and adults.

In children, we use dental X-rays to:Guelph Dentists Xray Services

ü  Determine whether or not primary teeth are being lost quickly enough because it allows the permanent teeth to come in properly

ü  Watch for decay

ü  Check the development of the wisdom teeth and identify if they are impacted

ü  Find out whether or not there is enough space in the mouth to accommodate the incoming teeth

ü  Discover any other developmental abnormalities, including cysts and types of tumors

In adults, we use dental X-rays to:

ü  Find out if there are areas of decay that are not visible in the oral exam, including small decay areas between teeth

ü  Discover bone loss that is related to gum disease

ü  Determine if there is a decay that occurs beneath the existing filling

ü  Discover whether or not there are changes in the root canal or bone that may result to infection

ü  Assist in the preparation of dentures, braces, implants, and other cosmetic and general dental procedures

ü  Discover if there is an infection called abscess which takes place at the root of the tooth or between a tooth and the gum

Our Dental X-Ray Are Safe!

All X-rays are known to emit radiation. However, our dental X-rays produce only minimal exposure to radiation. Since we use the latest, safest technologies for X-ray procedures, rest assured that our patients are always safe.

We always follow safety guidelines when performing dental X-rays, including:

ü  Use dental X-rays according to the needs of the patients and not as a routine

ü  Select the fastest image receptor

ü  Only choose cone-beam CT when needed

ü  Focus the X-ray beam on the treatment area of the patients exclusively

ü  Provide patients with thyroid shield or collar during the X-ray procedure

ü  Limit the radiation doses

Dental Xray Guelph Near MeSo, whenever you undergo a dental treatment or procedure, expect that we will safely perform a dental X-ray. We want to ensure that you will get the best out of the treatment and help you achieve optimum oral care.

Feel free to contact us today, and we will give you the best dental services. Allow us to help you smile with confidence.