Guelph Mouth Guards

General Dentistry Mouth Guards GuelphIts summer again and it is the best time to play your favorite sport. Do you have the protective gear you need? But it, not just helmets or shin guards that you need. You should also consider wearing a mouth guard. Though some sports do require wearing it, for your own benefit and protection, please do so.

And to help you out, our dental clinic located in Airdrie, Ab  is here to help you find the best mouth guard suitable for your sport.

What Are Mouth Guards?

Often referred to as sports guards and mouth protectors, there are different names for it. But the purpose is the same, which is a device that a player must wear over their teeth to protect them from head and face blow. These are vital athletic equipment for participants of sports like soccer, baseball, basketball, football, skateboarding, hockey, gymnastics, and mountain biking. Any activity that might lead to mouth injury, there is a need for a mouth guard.

These mouth guards are usually used to cover the athlete’s upper teeth to protect against cut lips, broken teeth, or any damage on your mouth. If you are wearing braces or any other dental appliances like a bridge, the lower jaw, our licensed dental experts will be suggesting mouth guards for your teeth also.

How Long Should A Mouth Guard Last?Guelph Dentists Mouth Guards

If taken care of properly they can last a year or 2 depending upon how much you use them. Replacements of mouth guards are important, especially for adolescents because their mouth continues to grow, and their teeth still develop for adulthood. Most athletes got their new mouth guards as they have their dental check-up for six months.

What Are Some Other Purposes Of Mouth Gaurds?

Teeth Grinding

Clenching and teeth grinding are both part bruxism. This refers to a condition that is associated with sleep-related disorder or movement, which can cause various problems like jaw pain, tooth pain as well as sore gums. Worst, it can also cause damage to your teeth.

Wearing a mouth guard while you are sleeping helps in keeping both your bottom and top teeth separated for them not to cause damage from one another from the grinding and clenching pressure.

If you are not yet sure if you need a mouth guard during your sleep, better seek the help of our Guelph dentists. They can do initial observations to know if it will be applicable for you to wear one. Bruxism condition calls for the use of mouth guard, but if you’re not certain if you need this, talk to our Guelph dentist anytime.


Guelph Mouth Guards CostIn order to reduce snoring that happens because of the vibrations of the soft tissue in the upper airway, you must wear a mouth guard. This can help pull the lower jaw forward to maintain your airway open.

 If you have any question about the use of mouth guards, feel free to contact us. We are pleased to be of help in protecting your mouth and jaw from any oral injury. Call us now!