Guelph Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Tooth Removal Guelph Near MeAre you searching for a quality procedure for your wisdom teeth removal? Amazingly, ourGuelph dental services are known to offer advanced oral surgery. It is our pleasure to identify your dental problems and make the right action before it gets worst.

To fulfill your dental needs, we unceasingly upgrade our dental services and maintain excellent oral surgeons and dentists. Our Guelph dentist will guide and explain to you all the processes that you will go through from the diagnosis, the day of your surgery, and after the oral surgery. We will also provide you with mouth care pieces of advice that can help make your wound heal faster.

Types of Wisdom Tooth Removal

We need to do an X-ray first to see the position of your teeth. This is necessary for us to know what procedure is appropriate for you. Don’t worry as our dental services accept a wide range of wisdom tooth removal. These include the following cases:

No impaction. Your wisdom teeth are above the gum line and mandible. This type might still cause you pain and infection, so our dentist will recommend extracting it. 

Soft Tissue Impaction. These wisdom teeth are enclosed by gum tissue. To extract the wisdom teeth, we need to expurgate a fold from the gum tissue.Guelph Wisdom Tooth Removal Cost

Partial Bony Impaction.  The teeth are not fully covered. Some of its crowns are exposed, and the rest stays below the jaw bone and gum line. Our dentist will first make an opening to expose the teeth. Once the teeth are visible, it will be cut partially to ease extraction.

Complete Bony Impaction. When your teeth are fully impacted, it can either be position in backward or sideways. This type requires a shear from the flap and jaw bone to expose the wisdom teeth. Then, from there, several pieces will be cut to gather the wisdom teeth easily.

What should I Do After The Oral Surgery?


You may eat foods rich in protein and calories but avoid foods like goober or nuts that can easily stick in between your teeth. Drinking at least six glasses is commendable. Just avoid using straw as it can extricate the blood clot surrounding your surgical area.

Oral Hygiene

After one day of your oral surgery, you may now wash your mouth with warm salty water every after the meal. The night after the surgery, you may also brush your teeth, but be careful not to include the teeth near the surgical area.


This reaches its peak on the second and third days after the extraction. You may put ice around your face where the surgical area is nearest. You can do this for at least 20 minutes on and 10 minutes off for the first two days after the extraction.

Bring Back that Confident Smile

Guelph Wisdom Teeth RemovalYour healthy teeth bring the confidence that you need every day. All of a sudden, it will be ruined once there is not enough space in your jaw to accommodate your growing wisdom teeth. You are lucky if your wisdom teeth are not impacted and do not give you any pain. In that case, you can just let it exist and help you eat your favorite snacks.

However, according to experts, 85% of people are expected to have their wisdom teeth removed. That is mainly because you got impacted teeth that cause you infection, swelling, and pain. You might be one of those percentages, so talk with our dentists in Guelph and let us help you regain your confidence and a happy smile.