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Sedation Dentistry Dental Clinic GuelphTooth extractions, dental implants, and other serious operations can cause pain and trigger anxiety. Distressed patients have a high risk of bleeding during dental surgery. Guelph sedation dentistry services makes sedation dentistry available. Our dentists are capable of handling nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and intravenous sedation. We’ve partnered with anesthesiologists to keep all procedures safe and risk-free. We also specialize in general anesthesia, local anesthesia, anxiolysis, and moderate sedation.

Non-conscious sedation or general anesthesia allows patients to be in a deep state of sleep. This type of sedation dentistry makes them unaware of what’s happening. They don’t remember anything after the treatment.

Apart from a topical numbing gel, local anesthesia consists of an injection applied to a specific area. Both the gel and injection will numb or block the pain in the targeted spot. Our local anesthesia is potent and can last for a few hours.

In anxiolysis sedation dentistry, we use nitrous oxide and deliver the laughing gas to the patient through a small mask. Nitrous oxide induces numbness and tingling.

We also administer moderate sedation with the presence of reflex, physical, and verbal retention. Before the appointment, we prescribe an oral medication for patients to take. During the surgery, we may use additional medications.

Our Guelph dentists are also licensed in IV conscious sedation and other kinds of sedation.

Are You a Qualified Candidate?Guelph Sedation Dentistry

It’s been estimated that more than 75% of American adults suffer from anxiety when visiting a dentist. So, many individuals avoid dental visits.

Still, everyone must receive preventative checkups and regular teeth cleaning to improve oral health. Poor dental hygiene has also been associated with the development of heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, and other serious problems.

Apart from muscle relaxation and deep breathing, sedation dentistry can help clients achieve and enjoy a sweet and beautiful smile. But are you qualified?

Here are some factors to consider:

Dental Anxiety – Individuals diagnosed with dental anxiety are a candidate for Nitrous oxide, local anesthesia, general anesthesia, and other types of sedation.

Highly Sensitive Gums and Teeth – It’s risky to have a high level of gum sensitivity during a serious dental procedure. So, nitrous oxide can play a significant role.

Neck or Back Pain during Checkups – Teeth implant, extraction, and other dental operations can cause discomfort. Sometimes, patients suffer from back or neck pain before the treatment. All of our dentists take the time to decide what s the right sedation for you.Sedation Dentistry In Guelph

Fear of Sharp Instruments and other Needles – To extract or implant teeth, sharp tools are necessary. These include curettes, fine scalers, probes, and excavators. If you’re afraid of needles, our expertise in sedation dentistry is the secret. Another excellent alternative is laser-based dental treatment.

When you have a traumatic experience in the past or have been suffering from a sore mouth, our quality sedation solution is worth the effort.

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